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Manifold Valves - Two Valve · Three Valve · Five Valve

2 Way Manifold Valves

Two Way Manifold Valve also known as 2-Way Manifold Valve, Two Valve Manifold Valve, 2V Manifold Valve, Series- MFV2 or 2 Valve Manifold Valve. The typical 2-Way Manifold Valve consists of 1 block valve and 1 drain or test valve. Two Valve Manifold Valve are mainly used for general plant service, standard pressure and differential pressure instrumentation devices, pressure equalization, venting, and block and bleed applications. Convenient method of blocking, bleeding and calibrating pressure instruments. 2 Valve Manifold Valve is used for pressure transmitter by simply closing the block valve and opening the drain valve and connecting the drain valve to the pressure generator.

3 Way Manifold Valves

Three Way Manifold Valve also known as 3-Way Manifold Valve, Three Valve Manifold Valve, or 3 Valve Manifold Valve. 3-Way Manifold Valve (Series- MFV3) is designed for direct mounting to pressure and differential pressure instrumentations. The typical Three Valve Manifold Valve consists of 2 block valve (high pressure and low pressure block valve) and 1 equalizer valve. Two block valves provide instrument isolation, and one equalize valve is positioned between the high and low transmitter process connections to provide equal pressures on both sides. In normal operation of 3 Valve Manifold Valve, the equalizing valve is closed and the two block valves are open. When the transmitter is put into or removed from service, the valves must be operated in such a manner that very high pressure is never applied to only one side of the DP capsule.

5 Way Manifold Valves

Five Way Manifold Valve also known as 5-Way Manifold Valve, Five Valve Manifold Valve, 5V Manifold Valve, Series- MFV5 or 5 Valve Manifold Valve. 5-Way Manifold Valve (Series- MFV5) are are designed for direct mounting to differential pressure transmitters. The typical Five Valve Manifold Valve consist of 2 block valve, 1 equalizer valve, and 2 vent or test valve. If we want to check the zero of the transmitter, we just need to close the block valve and open the equalizing valve. If we want to calibrate the transmitter for 3 or 5 point calibration, then after the pressure is equalized we just need to connect the test valve to a pressure generator.

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Manifold Valve Supplier

Manifold Valves are equipment which connects two or more valves of a hydraulic system. A variety of block/isolate valves can be combined in a single body configuration. Each of these valves has a separate opening below in order to connect a pipe. The main body or valve chamber is common to all. These manifolds commonly include ball, bleed, needle, and vent valves. Their use results in savings in terms of space and installation costs. All these manifolds employ convenient methods of bleeding, blocking and calibrating instruments. These are factory tested and available for pipe to pipe, flange to flange, pipe to flange, remote, base and remote mounting base vent, and direct and integral mounting. The Manifold Valves are manufactured to endure all differential pressure and liquid level application needs. The Manifold Valves are available in 2 way Manifold Valves, 3 way Manifold Valves, and 5 way Manifold Valves product designs. The 2 valve Manifolds are designed to withstand static pressure in an industrial setting. The 3 valve Manifold and 5 Valve Manifolds are expressly designed for the purpose of surviving and maintaining the differential pressure applications. The Manifold Valves have been designed with a temperature rating with operating parameters which range up to 232ºC with packing of PTFE and optional 428ºC with packing of graphite. The Manifold Valves are designed and manufactured to withstand a pressure parameter rating of up to 6000 PSIG.

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Manifold Valve Types

Two Way Manifold Valve Three Way Manifold Valve Five Way Manifold Valve
- Titanium Two Way Manifold Valve
- Stainless Steel Two Way Manifold Valve
- Monel Two Way Manifold Valve
- Inconel Two Way Manifold Valve
- Incoloy Two Way Manifold Valve
- Hastelloy Two Way Manifold Valve
- Duplex Two Way Manifold Valve
- Copper Nickel Two Way Manifold Valve
- 254 SMO Two Way Manifold Valve
- Brass Two Way Manifold Valve
- Titanium Three Way Manifold Valve
- Stainless Steel Three Way Manifold Valve
- Monel Three Way Manifold Valve
- Inconel Three Way Manifold Valve
- Incoloy Three Way Manifold Valve
- Hastelloy Three Way Manifold Valve
- Duplex Three Way Manifold Valve
- Copper Nickel Three Way Manifold Valve
- 254 SMO Three Way Manifold Valve
- Brass Three Way Manifold Valve
- Titanium Five Way Manifold Valve
- Stainless Steel Five Way Manifold Valve
- Monel Five Way Manifold Valve
- Inconel Five Way Manifold Valve
- Incoloy Five Way Manifold Valve
- Hastelloy Five Way Manifold Valve
- Duplex Five Way Manifold Valve
- Copper Nickel Five Way Manifold Valve
- 254 SMO Five Way Manifold Valve
- Brass Five Way Manifold Valve

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