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Hastelloy B2 Round Bar

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Sizes in Stock
Nickel Alloy B2 Round Bar: Dia:  3 - 600 mm, Length: 0.5 - 6.0 meter
Hex Bar
WNR 2.4617 Hex Bar: Dia:  3 - 180 mm
Flat Bar
UNS N10665 Flat Bar: Thickness: 0.5 - 200 mm, Width: 1.5 - 250 mm
Square Bar
Nimofer® 6928 Square Bar: Side Width: 2 - 200 mm
European & American Standard: ASTM B335, ASME SB 335, UNS N10665, WNR: 2.4617
Condition: Cold-worked, PH, H&T, Annealed, Hot worked
Edges: Round, Square, Slit, and V Edge
Brand: AventBar, Yakin, triton, Mukund, ATI, Ratnaveer, Gloria, Outokumpu bar
Tolerances: H8, K12, K9, K11, H10, H9, H13, K10, H12, H11
Delivery Time:
Mauritius : 17-19 Days
Puerto Rica : 25-30 Days
MTC Certificate: EN 10204 3.1 and 3.2

Nickel Alloy B2 Rod Supplier in India at Reasonable Price

Hastelloy B2 Round Bar

No. 1 Stockist of WNR 2.4617 Hex Bar With Inscribed Diameter 3–180 mm in Mumbai At Factory Price

Hastelloy B2 Round Bar Specification

WNR 2.4617 Round Bar Sizes

WNR 2.4617 Round Bar

  • Length: 0.5 - 6.0 meter
  • Diameter: 3 - 600 mm
  • Surface: Pickled, Black, Bright,Polished
Hastelloy B2® Hex bar Sizes

Hastelloy B2® Hex bar

  • Length:0.5 - 6.0 meter
  • Inscribed Diameter: 3 - 180 mm
  • Supply State: Hardened, Turned & rough, Annealed etc.

Buy Hastelloy Alloy B2 Flat Bar and Square Bar With Side Width Ranging From 2 to 200 mm and Top-notch Customer Service

Haynes Alloy B2 Square bar Sizes

Haynes Alloy B2 Square bar

  • Length: 0.5 - 6.0 meter
  • Side width: 2 - 200 mm
  • Packaging: Steel Strips Bundled, Wooden Boxes
Nickel Alloy B2 Flat bar Sizes

Nickel Alloy B2 Flat bar

  • Width: 1.5 - 250 mm
  • Thickness: 0.5 - 200 mm
  • Length: 0.5- 6.0 meter
Are You Searching?

Are You Searching?

  • Condition: PH, H&T, Annealed
  • Nickel Content: 65%
  • Origin: European, American, Janpanese, Russia etc.
Worldwide Standards

Worldwide Standards

  • ASTM B335 | ASME SB 335
  • UNS: N10665 | WNR: 2.4617
  • Trade name:Hastelloy B2®, Nimofer® 6928
About Hastelloy B2 Round Bar

About Hastelloy B2 Round Bar

  • Density:9.22 g/cm³
  • Melting Point: 1370°C (2500°F).
  • Temprature Range:1232-982°C (2250-1800°F)
  • Life Span: 45 years
Advantageous Information

Advantageous Information

  • Tolerance: H8 to H13 / K9 to K12
  • Technique: Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Forged etc.
  • Testing: Ultrasonic, PMI ,Mechanical Test
  • Shape: Rectangular, Round, Hexagon,Square etc.
 Werkstoff NR. 2.4617 bar  Rod Surface

Werkstoff NR. 2.4617 bar Rod Surface

  • Sand blasting
  • Cold drawn
  • Bright
  • Hot rolled pickled
  • Polished
  • Finished
  • Hairline
Alloy Hastelloy B2 Bar Value Added Service

Alloy Hastelloy B2 Bar Value Added Service

  • NORSOK certified stock on select alloys
  • Turnkey inventory stocking programs
  • Custom cutting round bar to 16
  • Special packaging
  • Trepanning, grinding, PSQ, and turned, ground & polished bar
 	EN 2.4617 billet in following brand

EN 2.4617 billet in following brand

  • Sumitomo Metals, Japan
  • Seah Steel Corporation, Korea
  • Special Metals USA
  • Schoeller Bleckmann, Austria
Hastelloy 2.4617 forged bar features

Hastelloy 2.4617 forged bar features

  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • High tensile strength
  • Good surface finishes

 Alloy Hastelloy B2 Flat Bar Shape

Alloy Hastelloy B2 Flat Bar Shape

  • Square
  • Hollow
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Hexagonal
 2.4617 Hastelloy B2 rod  Tolerances

2.4617 Hastelloy B2 Rod Tolerances

  • H12
  • H13
  • H9, H10
  • K10
  • K12 or custom
 Alloy B2 bloom  Payment term

Alloy B2 Bloom Payment Term

  • West union
  • TT
  • Paypal
 Hastelloy B2 hex bar   delivery time

Hastelloy B2 Hex Bar Delivery Time

  • Generally it is 7-10 days if its in stock
  • 15-20 days if its not in stock

Explore Extensive Range of Haynes Alloy B2 Bar Available In Custom Shape Like Rectangular, Round, Hexagon, Square, etc.

Forms of Hastelloy B2 Bar in Stock.

In Stock Hastelloy 2.4617  Hex Bar Supplier

Hastelloy 2.4617 Hex Bar

In Stock DIN 2.4617  Flat Bar Supplier

DIN 2.4617 Flat Bar

In Stock Hastelloy alloy B2 Round Bar Supplier

Hastelloy alloy B2 Round Bar

In Stock ASTM B574 UNS N10665  Bright  Bar Supplier

ASTM B574 UNS N10665 Bright Bar

In Stock Nimofer® 6928  Square  Bar Supplier

Nimofer® 6928 Square Bar

In Stock 2.4617 Hastelloy B2  Rectangle  Bar Supplier

Hastelloy B2® Rectangle Bar

In Stock EN 2.4617  Cold Drawn  Bar Supplier

EN 2.4617 Cold Drawn Bar

In Stock Nickel alloy B2 Rod Supplier

Nickel alloy B2 Rod

In Stock Hastelloy B2 Polished  Bar Supplier

Hastelloy B2 Polished Bar

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is India’s prominent manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of Hastelloy B2 Round Bar in various shapes and sizes. Our product range includes various ASTM B335 UNS N10665 Bars in a variety of sizes and shapes. Over a decade of progress have consistently made us realize that more than Products, it is understanding the client's requirement and giving maximum services to the customer is what makes us stand apart from others. Our self contained unit with Forging, Welding, Machining, Heat treatment and Facilities for physical & Chemical testing, enables us to meet strict international quality standards.

HS Code of Alloy B2 Round Bar

Product Description HS Code
Hastelloy B2 round bar 75051220
Get Quotations for Nickel B2 Bright and Rectangular Bar Which Work With Temperature Range 1232-982°C, Refer Hastelloy B2 Chemical Composition

Hastelloy B2 Round Bar Chemical Composition

  • Chemical Properties
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Physical Properties
  • C P Mn Fe S Si Cr Ni Co Mo
    MIN - - - - - - - Bal - 26.000
    MAX 0.020 0.040 1.000 2.000 0.030 0.100 1.000 1.000 30.000
  • Yield Strength
    0.2% Proof
    Tensile strength
    (% in 50mm)
    MIN 396 914 55.00  
    MAX       98
  • Density 0.333 lb/in.3
    Melting Range 2430°F to 2520°F
    Specific Heat 0.090Btu/lb•°F
    Permeability ≤1.001(200 Oersted)
    Elastic Modulus 31.4 x 106,ps
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 6.0 µin./in.•°F
    Thermal Conductivity 64 Btu/ft•h•°F

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Properties of Hastelloy B2 alloy

Hastelloy B2 Cold Forming

Cold forming process plays a very important role in the desired product formation.The process involves rolling, pressing forging of the metal with desired procedure. Cold forming is always done with precaution and under expertise with a clean environment. It increases the strength of the metal and gives hardness a new level.

Hastelloy B2 Hot Forming

While performing hot forming process in a Hastelloy, the temperature should be maintained with the furnace.The preheating of the furnace should be done so as to make the shape of the metal proper.The size and thickness of the metal play a very important role while hot forming so the metal can have the proper size.Re-heating is necessary to maintain the correct hot forming temperature, and dies of the metal should be heated to avoid extreme chilling of the surfaces.

Hastelloy B2 Machining

When Machining Hastelloy B2 the material gets work-harden quickly, produce high heat during cutting weld to the cutting tool surface and offer high resistance to metal removal because of their high shear strengths. The machine should be rigid and overpowered as much as possible.The workpiece and tool should be held rigid. The tools used should be sharp while machining. The machine used, should be heavy, constant, feeds to maintain the positive cutting action. If feed slows and the tool dwells in the cut, work hardening occurs, tool life deteriorates and close tolerances are impossible.

Hastelloy B2 Welding

Hastelloy B2 has a good welding property. The welding process is done by methods such as common arc welding process, plasma arc welding (PAW), resistance spot welding (RSW), laser beam welding (LBW), and electron beam welding (EBW) are used. The pitting corrosion resistance of the metal can be welded to be reduced due to micro-segregation of main molybdenum during solidification.

Hastelloy B2 Heat Treatment

Before heat treatment, make absolutely sure that grease, graphite, and other foreign materials are removed from all surfaces. The annealing procedure has been designed to place the material in the optimum condition with respect to mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Annealing is often performed after cold working operations to restore ductility and lower the yield and ultimate tensile properties. In general, the only heat treatment that is acceptable for these alloys is a full solution anneal.

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