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ASTM B861 grade 2 pipe

Titanium Grade 1 and Titanium Grade 2 Seamless Pipe.

We are an established and affordable supplier of ASME SB 861 UNS R50400 seamless pipe in India.

ASTM B861 specification covers Titanium and Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipes.

ASTM B861 Seamless Pipe

ASTM B861 Seamless Pipe

ASTM B861 Seamless Pipe is produced without a seam or weld in the circumference. Seamless pipe is produced by a variety of methods. To put it in its most simple terms, seamless pipe is produced by piercing a solid billet of deoxidized and conditioned steel, which has been properly prepared and heated to the proper temperature. The Titanium Grade 1 and Titanium Grade 2 Seamless Pipes are used in bellows, aircraft structural, honeycomb, gaskets, aircraft skin, heat exchanger parts.


Is it difficult to find a stockist for grades 2, 20, 19, or 21 ASTM B861 titanium pipe in odd size with solution-treated and aged condition in Mumbai ? Cut-to-size services tailored to your exact requirements are our specialty.

Scope And Manufacturing

ASTM B861 Specification is for titanium and titanium alloy seamless pipe. Alloys may be supplied in the Titanium Grade 1 and Titanium Grade 2. The grades shall conform to the required chemical composition for nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, iron, oxygen, aluminum, vanadium, tin, ruthenium, palladium, chromium, nickel, niobium, zirconium, silicon, and titanium. Chemical analysis and product analysis shall be performed. Mechanical requirements shall conform to the required room temperature values for tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation. The following shall also be performed: tension, flattening, bend, and hydrostatic tests. Seamless Pipe can be Manufactured by any method that will yield a product meeting the requirements of this specification. Unless specified, cold worked pipe shall be heat treated at a temperature of not less than 100 Degree F. Hot worked pipe finshing above 1400 Degree F need not be further heated.

We export cut-to-size ASTM B 861 pipe in grades 18, 9, 23, 29 or 28 with transformed-beta condition for common high-temperature, corrosion-resistant applications

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes has a huge inventory of Titanium Grade 1, Titanium Grade 2, Titanium alloys etc . The ASTM B861 UNS R50250 and ASTM B861 R50400 Seamless Pipes manufactured by us are Quality Certified and have a huge demand in the market. At Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes we use multiple combinations of different processes to manufacture high quality seamless pipes to the exact specifications needed by each of our customers. The pipes can be created in a variety of different sizes and shapes using a whole range of alloys.

We can deliver ASTM B-861 piping in the grades 23, 5, 25, 24, 35, 29, or 36 with annealed or aged condition with the highest standards and quality in nearly any size
ASTM B861 Seamless Pipe
ASTM B861 specification refers to Titanium Grade 1 and Titanium Grade 2 Seamless Pipes and Tubes. It is intented to be used in highly corrosive environments.
Other Names : ASTM B861 UNS R50250, ASTM B861 UNS R50400, Titanium Grade 1 Seamless Pipe, Titanium Grade 2 Seamless Pipe, Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipe.
Material : Titanium
Brand : Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Manufacturer : Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Rating : 4.0/5 based on 80 customer reviews

As a stockholder offering ASME SB 861 pipe in grades 18, 9, 28, or 38 with cold-worked and stress-relieved or annealed condition at the best price

Our Inventory of ASTM B861 Material

  • Titanium Grade 1 Seamless Pipe
  • Titanium Grade 2 Seamless Pipe
  • ASTM B861 UNS R50250
  • ASTM B861 UNS R50400
  • Ti CP Gr 1
  • Ti CP Gr 2
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