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ASTM A519 grade 1026 tube

ASTM A519 AISI 4130 Pipe Fittings, ASTM A519 Alloy Steel 4130 Pipe Fittings, ASTM A519 UNS G41300 Pipe Fittings.

We are Indian supplier of SA 519 gr 4130 seamless tubing in various grades with hot and cold-finished

ASTM A519 specification covers for several grades of AISI 4130 Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing, either hot-finished or cold-finished.

Specializes in stock and supply of ASTM A519 grade 1020 mechanical tubing in range of sizes up to 12 3/4 inch OD and custom wall thicknesses in Mumbai

Astm A519 Tubing

ASTM A519 Tube is where precision finish dimensions and surface quality is of secondary importance. It is a cost effective alternative. Hot Finished Seamless tube is designed for machining high strength and close tolerance projects. Typically seen in bushings, axles, hydraulics and sleeve applications. An industry standard for manufacturing AISI 4130 tube is OD and wall dimensions. Stocked through a wide range of sizes, in either mechanical tube, casing or DOM (drawn over mandrel) product forms. These grades of AISI 4130 steel containing Chromium and Molybdenum are the most widely used alloys for oil patch applications.

Leading stockist and distributor of cut-to-size ASME SA 519 steel tube which must be provided in forms as per the buyer's specifications, like square, rectangular, round, and customised sections.

Scope And Manufacturing

ASTM A519 specification refers to AISI 4130 Steel seamless mechanical tubing. When welding is used for joining the weldable mechanical tube grades, the welding procedure shall be suitable for the grade, the condition of the components, and the intended service. The steel may be made by any process. If a specific type of melting is required by the purchaser, it shall be as stated on the purchase order. The primary melting may incorporate separate degaussing or refining, and may be followed by secondary melting,such as electroslag or vacuum-arc remelting. If secondary melting is employed, the heat shall be defined as all of the ingots remelted from a single primary heat. Steel may be cast into ingots or may be strand cast. When steel of different grades is sequentially strand cast, identification of the resultant transition material is required. The producer shall remove the transition material by an established procedure that positively separates the grades. Tubes shall be made by a seamless process and shall be either hot finished or cold finished, as specified. Seamless tubing is a tubular product made without a welded seam. It is manufactured usually by hot working steel and, if necessary, by subsequently cold finishing the hotworked tubular product to produce the desired shape, dimensions and properties.

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes manufactures & exports ASTM A519 Mechanical Tubing, Seamless Pipe, Seamless Tubes material in the grades AISI 4130. The products are manufactured in different sizes, range, type and schedule-class. We regularly supply ASTM A519 Mechanical Tubing to core industries such as refineries, chemical & petrochemical, oil & Gas, Water treatment plant, power plants, offshore, ship building, EPC & other Engineering company.

As ASTM A519 cold drawn seamless tube exporters, we kept on hand biggest inventories of ASTM A519 1020 smls tubing , which is produced without a welded seam
ASTM A519 Alloy Steel Seamless Tube
ASTM A519 Specification is for AISI 4130 Seamless Tubing, either hot-finished or cold-finished to the specified dimensions or to dimensional standards. Seamless Tubes or Tubings can be used in hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, automobile and other mechanical devices.
Other Names : ASTM A519 Tubing, ASTM A519 Tubing, AISI 4130 Tube, Alloy Steel 4130 Seamless Tube
Material : AISI 4130 Steel
Brand : Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Manufacturer : Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Rating : 4.5/5 based on 70 customer reviews

When specified by buyer, A519 hf seamless tube must be covered with an oil layer before shaping in order to prevent rust
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