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254 SMO Tube Fittings

Our experiance: 22 years of experiance.
Material Origin: Indian, European, Korean
MTC: Yes
Sample: Yes
MOQ: Any
Documentation and certification: Invoice , packing list , BL, MTC , COO, fumigation certificate , Insurance.
Type of packaging: Wooden box, cartoon box, cerate
Test: NACE test , Impact test
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Payment term: Advance, LC, 20% advance and balance before dispatch.
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Manufacturer of Wnr 1.4547 Compression Fittings in India, Offering Thread Types Such as BSPT, UNF, BSP, and NPT etc.

254 SMO Tube Fittings

Buy Reasonably Priced SMO 254 Instrumentation and UNS S31254 Ferrule Fittings in Mumbai, Available in 1/8" to 2" Sizes

254 SMO Tube Fittings Specification

Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes

  • Sizes: 3 to 50mm
  • Thread: NPT, BSPT, BSPP
  • Ends:Threaded, JIC, Welding
  • Forms : Cap, Plug, Tee, Cross, Elbow
SMO 254 Compression Fittings Pressure Rating

SMO 254 Compression Fittings Pressure Rating

  • 1000 Psi
  • 3000 Psi
  • 6000 Psi
  • 10000 Psi

Stockist of Alloy 254 SMO Single and Double Ferrule Fittings as Per ASTM A479 Standard

Standard Configurations

Standard Configurations

  • Ferrule Set, Weld Connector
  • Female Connector
  • Tube Closure
  • Tube to Tube
  • Tube to Male
Worldwide Standards

Worldwide Standards

  • ASTM A479
  • ASME SA 479
  • UNS: S31254
  • WNR: 1.4547
  • Life Span:50 years
SMO 254 UNS S31254 NPT Tube Fittings Temperature Range From 1149 to 1204°C
Regarding 254 SMO Tube Fittings

Regarding 254 SMO Tube Fittings

  • Density:8 g/cm3
  • Melting Point:1320-1390°C
  • Temprature Range:1149–1204°C (2100–2200°F)
Similar To

Similar To

  • DK-LOK

Buy 254 SMO Super Duplex Flare Fittings Available in Custom Sizes and Finish at Best Price

254 SMO Compression Tube Fittings Sizes

Tube Fittings Types Size OD Size Inch
Tube To Union 6mm to 38mm 1/4" to 1 1/2"
Tube to Male Fittings
Tube to Female Fittings
Tube to Pipe Fittings
Tube Fittings Accessories

Forms of 254 SMO Compression Tube Fittings in Stock

In Stock Tube To Tube Union Tube Fittings Manufacturer

254 SMO Tube Union

In Stock Male Connector Tube Fittings, NPT, BSP, BSPP Manufacturer

254 SMO Male Connector

In Stock Female Connector Manufacturer

254 SMO Female Connector

In Stock Male Bulkhead Connector Manufacturer

254 SMO Male Bulkhead Connector

In Stock Female Bulkhead Connector Manufacturer

254 SMO Female Bulkhead Connector

In Stock Street Elbow Manufacturer

254 SMO Street Elbow

In Stock Male Elbow Manufacturer

254 SMO Male Elbow

In Stock Female Elbow Manufacturer

254 SMO Female Elbow

In Stock Street Tee Manufacturer

254 SMO Street Tee

In Stock Male Run Tee Manufacturer

254 SMO Male Run Tee

In Stock Female Run Tee Manufacturer

254 SMO Female Run Tee

In Stock Male Branch Tee Manufacturer

254 SMO Male Branch Tee

In Stock Female Branch Tee Manufacturer

254 SMO Female Branch Tee

In Stock Union Cross Manufacturer

254 SMO Union Cross

In Stock Male Adapter Manufacturer

254 SMO Male Adapter

In Stock Female Adapter Manufacturer

254 SMO Female Adapter

In Stock Bushing Manufacturer

254 SMO Bushing

In Stock Hex Coupling Manufacturer

254 SMO Hex Coupling

In Stock Hex Nipple Manufacturer

254 SMO Hex Nipple

In Stock Cap Manufacturer

254 SMO Cap

In Stock Plug Manufacturer

254 SMO Plug

In Stock Allen Key Manufacturer

254 SMO Allen Key

In Stock Union Ball Joint Manufacturer

254 SMO Union Ball Joint

In Stock Blanking End Manufacturer

254 SMO Blanking End

In Stock Blanking Plug Manufacturer

254 SMO Blanking Plug

In Stock Tube Nut Manufacturer

254 SMO Tube Nut

In Stock Front Ferrule Manufacturer

254 SMO Front Ferrule

In Stock Back Ferrule Manufacturer

254 SMO Back Ferrule

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