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Outokumpu is a group of companies producing stainless steel, employing 10,785 employees in more than 30 countries. It's main headquarter is in Finland. The company's distribution centre is at France. Outokumpu has been instrumental in developing the stainless steel industry into what it is today. The industry has dominated the steel market with its own manufacturing units equipped with high quality, advanced technology. They make materials that are long-lasting, efficient and recyclable. They believe in the quote "Making steel world that lasts forever". Over the years, Outokumpu has emerged from a mining and multi-metal company to the global leader in stainless steel. In-depth technical expertise and R&D on metallurgy across stainless steel and high-performance alloys forms a strong basis for Outokumpu’s competitiveness. Outokumpu also makes a wide range of stainless steel components - both in commonly used dimensions and customized. One of their major products are Stainless Steel Round Bar and Stainless Steel Sheet Plate.

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is a distributor of Stainless Steel Sheet Plates and Round Bars manufactured by Outokumpu. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, durable and hygienic. We have a large inventory of SS 304 Round Bar, SS 304L Round Bar, SS 304H Round Bar, SS 309 Round Bar, SS 310 Round Bar, SS 310S Round Bar, SS 316l Round Bar, SS 316h Round Bar, SS 316Ti Round Bar, SS 317l Round Bar, SS 330 Round Bar, SS 321 Round Bar, SS 321h Round Bar, SS 347 Round Bar, SS 347h Round Bar, SS 904l Round Bar, Duplex Steel 2205 Round Bar, Super Duplex 2507 Round Bar, Super Duplex 4501 Round Bar, 254 SMO Round Bar. We also supply SS 304-304L Sheet Plate, SS 304H Sheet Plate, SS 309 Sheet Plate, SS 310-310S Sheet Plate, SS 316l Sheet Plate, SS 316h Sheet Plate, SS 316Ti Sheet Plate, SS 317l Sheet Plate, SS 330 Sheet Plate, SS 321 Sheet Plate, SS 321h Sheet Plate, SS 347 Sheet Plate, SS 347h Sheet Plate, SS 904l Sheet Plate, Duplex Steel 2205 Sheet Plate, Super Duplex 2507 Sheet Plate, Super Duplex 4501 Sheet Plate and 254 SMO Sheet Plate.

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