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Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes supplies a comprehensive range of Incoloy 800 Fasteners, catering for demands within a wide range of industries. We supply Incoloy Fasteners in the forms Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers.
Other Names: Incoloy Fasteners, Incoloy 800 Fasteners, Incoloy Nuts, Incoloy Bolts, Incoloy Screws, Incoloy Washers
Material: Incoloy 800
Brand: Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Manufacturer: Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
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Incoloy 800 Fasteners • Incoloy Nut • Incoloy Bolt • Incoloy Screw • Incoloy Washer • Incoloy Ring

Incoloy 800 Fasteners is one of the products supplied by Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes. The materials conform to International standards and specifications. UNS N08800 Fasteners is available in the size range of 1/8" to 16" inches. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CRISIL MSE 4 Rated. We know that the dynamic needs of the sectors require products which are precise and advanced, and that is why our R&D team is fully committed to developing products and manufacturing processes which set new standards in the industry.

A Fastener is a device that mechanically joins two or more components together. Incoloy Fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components. We are a well known supplier of Incoloy bolts, Incoloy nuts, Incoloy screws, Incoloy studs and Incoloy washers. Incoloy 800 Fasteners are widely used in almost all types of industries. These Incoloy 800 Fasteners are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Fasteners manufactured by Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes conform to dimension standards like DIN 933, ISO 4017, DIN 931, ISO 4014, DIN 982, DIN 985, DIN 912, ISO 7380, DIN 7991, DIN 125, ISO 7379, DIN 127, DIN 1481, DIN 975, DIN 6923, DIN 934, DIN 7984. Our stock of fasteners range includes sizes 1/4" NB to 4" NB in Class 2000, 3000, 6000 and 9000. There are a variety of applications of fasteners in various industries such as automobiles, aircraft, appliances, agricultural machinery, commercial construction, and infrastructure. Fasteners can be divided into two main categories - non-permanent fasteners and permanent fasteners. Non-permanent fasteners (they enable parts to be assembled and disassembled repeatedly) can further be divided into two groups: General fasteners and Threaded fasteners. They are the most widely used type of non-permanent fasteners since they can easily be removed then reused.

Threaded fasteners are the principal devices used for assembling components and they are usually grouped into three main categories: Threads can be either external or internal:
External Thread: External threads are on the outside of a member (such as the threads of bolts and screws). A chamfer on the end of the screw thread makes it easier to engage it into a hole or a nut. An external thread is usually cut using a die or a lathe.
Internal Thread: Internal threads are on the inside of a member (such as the threads of nuts and holes). Usually, threaded holes have a chamfer on the side from which the screw will enter to make its engagement easier. An internal thread is usually cut using a tap.

Incoloy Bolts: A bolt has a head on one end and threads on the other end and it is paired with a nut. Machine Bolt, Stove Bolt, J-Bolt, Hanger Bolt, U Bolt, Shoulder Bolt, Elevator Bolt, Hex Head Bolt, Carriage Bolt, Anchor Bolt, Eye Bolt are some of the types of bolts fasteners.

Incoloy Screws: Screws are used to join two mating parts together and similar to bolts, they have the head on one end and threads on the other end. However, screws usually have longer threads than bolts, also they can be made with slotted heads. Screws are further divided into two sub-categories; Cap Screws and Machine Screws. Machine screws are generally smaller in size than cap screws and they are used for screwing into thin materials.

Incoloy Setscrews: Setscrews are a special type of screws that usually does not have a head and they are used to prevent rotation or movement between parts (such as a shaft and a collar). A Setscrew is driven through one member such that it will apply a compressive force on the other member while a screw or a bolt clamps the two members together.

Incoloy Studs: A Stud is a rod that is threaded on both ends and joins two mating parts. A nut may be used on one end.

Incoloy Nuts: A Nut is the counterpart of a bolt. Bolts and nuts are used together to clamp two or more parts having unthreaded holes together. Our supply of Incoloy Nuts are Hex Nuts, Wing Nut, Castle Nut, Flex Lock Nut, High Nut, Coupling Nut, Cap Nut, Acorn Nut, Flange Lock Nut, Jam Nut, Flange Nut, Square Nut, Nylon Lock Nut, Slotted Nut, T-Nuts, Heavy Hex Nut.

Washers: Washers are commonly used under the heads of bolts and screws and they are used under nuts as well. The most common type of washers is the Flat Washer, where it is used to increase the bearing areas of the head, and protect the material finish during assembly. The use of washers also prevents the sharp corner of the hole into which the bolt or screw is being inserted from biting into bolt head fillet where that can cause the failure of the bolts during service. Our stock range of Incoloy washers are Lock Washer, Spring Washers, Dome Washer, Fender Washer, Tab Washers, Plain Washer, Flat Washer, Hexagonal Washer, Square Washer, Dome Tooth Washer, Split Washer, Countersunk Washer, Tooth Lock Washer, Dock Washer, Ogee Washer, Hex Washer.

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is a renowned manufacturer of High-quality Incoloy Fasteners conforming to ASME, ASTM, BS and DIN specifications. All Fasteners and Stud Bolts are available in any size. We stock a complete range of Incoloy 800 Fasteners, Nut, Bolt, Screw, Washer, etc. in a vast assortment of alloys to meet the requirements of most the critical projects. We can also supply custom size fasteners for special requirements through our in-house manufacturing or through our long-established supplier network. Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes stocks and distributes a large and diverse inventory of fasteners from industry-leading and widely accepted manufacturers who meet or exceed the stringent technical requirements of our Quality Program, and our highly experienced sales team is on hand to respond to your technical and commercial requirements. We export in countries like South Africa, Thailand, Russia, Germany, England, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.

  • Dimension Standard: DIN 933, ISO 4017, DIN 931, ISO 4014, DIN 982, DIN 985, DIN 912, ISO 7380, DIN 7991, DIN 125, ISO 7379, DIN 127, DIN 1481, DIN 975, DIN 6923, DIN 934, DIN 7984
  • Type: Incoloy 800 Fasteners, Incoloy Nuts, Incoloy Bolts, Incoloy Washers, Incoloy Bolts
  • Form: Machine Bolt, Incoloy 800 Hanger Bolt, Incoloy 800 U Bolt, Incoloy 800 Grub Screw, Incoloy 800 Shoulder Bolt, Incoloy 800 Step Bolt, Incoloy 800 Set Screw, Incoloy 800 Hex Head Bolt, Incoloy 800 Socket Cap Screw, Incoloy 800 Carriage Bolt, Incoloy 800 Anchor Bolt, Incoloy 800 Eye Bolt, Incoloy 800 Flange Bolt, Incoloy 800 Elevator Bolt, Incoloy 800 Lag Bolt, Incoloy 800 Draw Bolt, Incoloy 800 Plow Bolt, Incoloy 800 Stove Bolt, Incoloy 800 Tap Bolt, Incoloy 800 J Bolt, Incoloy 800 Hex Nuts, Incoloy 800 Wing Nut, Incoloy 800 Flex Lock Nut, Incoloy 800 High Nut, Incoloy 800 Coupling Nut, Incoloy 800 Nylon Lock Nut, Incoloy 800 Slotted Nut, Incoloy 800 T Nuts, Incoloy 800 Heavy Hex Nut, Incoloy 800 Cap Nut, Incoloy 800 Acorn Nut, Incoloy 800 Flange Lock Nut, Incoloy 800 Jam Nut, Incoloy 800 Flange Nut, Incoloy 800 Square Nut, Incoloy 800 Castle Nut, Incoloy 800 Plain Washer, Incoloy 800 Flat Washer, Incoloy 800 Hexagonal Washer, Incoloy 800 Square Washer, Incoloy 800 Dome Tooth Washer, Incoloy 800 Countersunk Washer, Incoloy 800 Tooth Lock Washer, Incoloy 800 Dock Washer, Incoloy 800 Ogee Washer, Incoloy 800 Hex Washers, Incoloy 800 Split Washer, Incoloy 800 Lock Washer, Incoloy 800 Spring Washers, Incoloy 800 Dome Washer, Incoloy 800 Fender Washer, Incoloy 800 Tab Washers, Incoloy 800 Teco Split Rings, Incoloy 800 Machined Rings, Incoloy 800 Forged Rings, Incoloy 800 Seamless Forged Rings, Incoloy 800 Pipe Cut Rings, Incoloy 800 Bar Machined Rings, Incoloy 800 Plate Cut Rings, Incoloy 800 Flange Rings, Incoloy 800 Welded Pipe Rings, Incoloy 800 Flat Welded Rings, Incoloy 800 Machine Screws
  • External Coating: Teflon Coating, Oxidized, Zinc Plating, Chrome Plating, Mirror Buffed, Hot Dipped Galvanizing, Epoxy Coating, Electro Polished, Passivation
  • Origin: Indian Origin, European Origin, Japanese Origin
  • Testing and Documents: Mill Test Certificates, EN 10204 3.1, Chemical Reports, Mechanical Reports, Destructive Test Report, Non Destructive Test Reports, PMI Test Reports, Visual Inspection Reports, Third Party Inspection Reports, NABL Approved Lab Reports
  • Packing: Packed in Wooden Boxes, Bubble wraps, Steel Strips Bundled, or as per Customers Requests

Incoloy 800 Alloy Fasteners Sizes in Stock

Type of Fasteners Forms Size Range Dimension Standard
Incoloy Nut Incoloy Hex Nuts, Incoloy Wing Nut, Incoloy Castle Nut, Incoloy Flex Lock Nut, Incoloy High Nut, Incoloy Coupling Nut, Incoloy Cap Nut, Incoloy Acorn Nut, Incoloy Flange Lock Nut, Incoloy Jam Nut, Incoloy Flange Nut, Incoloy Square Nut, Incoloy Nylon Lock Nut, Incoloy Slotted Nut, Incoloy T Nuts, Incoloy Heavy Hex Nut 1/4" NB to 4" NB in Class 2000 , 3000, 6000 & 9000 DIN 933, ISO 4017, DIN 931, ISO 4014, DIN 982, DIN 985, DIN 912, ISO 7380, DIN 7991, DIN 125, ISO 7379, DIN 127, DIN 1481, DIN 975, DIN 6923, DIN 934, DIN 7984
Incoloy Bolt Incoloy Machine Bolt, Incoloy Stove Bolt, Incoloy Tap Bolt, Incoloy J Bolt, Incoloy Hanger Bolt, Incoloy U Bolt, Incoloy Shoulder Bolt, Incoloy Flange Bolt, Incoloy Elevator Bolt, Incoloy Lag Bolt, Incoloy Draw Bolt, Incoloy Plow Bolt, Incoloy Step Bolt, Incoloy Hex Head Bolt, Incoloy Carriage Bolt, Incoloy Anchor Bolt and Incoloy Eye Bolts
Incoloy Screw Incoloy Socket Cap Screw, Incoloy Machine Screw, Incoloy Wood Screw, Incoloy Grub Screw, Incoloy Set Screw
Incoloy Washer Incoloy Lock Washer, Incoloy Spring Washers, Incoloy Dome Washer, Incoloy Fender Washer, Incoloy Tab Washers, Incoloy Plain Washer, Incoloy Flat Washer, Incoloy Hexagonal Washer, Incoloy Square Washer, Incoloy Dome Tooth Washer, Incoloy Split Washer, Incoloy Countersunk Washer, Incoloy Tooth Lock Washer, Incoloy Dock Washer, Incoloy Ogee Washer, Incoloy Hex Washer

Forms of Incoloy Fasteners in Stock

In Stock Incoloy 800 Fasteners Nut Supplier

Nuts Fastener

Incoloy 800 Nuts — Hex Nuts, Wing Nut, Cap Nut, Acorn Nut, Flange Lock Nut, Jam Nut, Flange Nut, Square Nut, Castle Nut, Flex Lock Nut, High Nut, Coupling Nut, Nylon Lock Nut, Slotted Nut, T Nuts, Heavy Hex Nut and custom Nuts for special requirements

In Stock Incoloy Fasteners Bolts Supplier

Bolts Fastener

Incoloy 800 Bolts — Machine Bolt, Flange Bolt, Elevator Bolt, Lag Bolt, Draw Bolt, Plow Bolt, Stove Bolt, Tap Bolt, J-Bolt, Hanger Bolt, U Bolt, Shoulder Bolt, Step Bolt, Hex Head Bolt, Carriage Bolt, Anchor Bolt, Eye Bolts and custom Bolts

In Stock Incoloy 800 Fasteners Washer Supplier

Washers Fastener

Incoloy 800 Washers — Lock Washer, Spring Washers, Dome Washer, Fender Washer, Tab Washers, Plain Washer, Flat Washer, Hexagonal Washer, Square Washer, Dome Tooth Washer, Countersunk Washer, Tooth Lock Washer, Dock Washer, Ogee Washer, Hex Washers, Split Washer and custom Washers

In Stock Incoloy Fasteners Screw Supplier

Screws Fastener

Incoloy 800 Screws — Socket Cap Screw, Machine Screw, Wood Screw, Grub Screw, Set Screw and custom Screws

  • Chemical Properties
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Physical Properties
  • C Ti Mn Fe S Si Cr Ni Cu Al
    MIN - 0.150 - 39.500 - 19.000 30.000 - 0.150
    MAX 0.100 0.600 1.500 0.015 1.000 23.000 35.000 0.750 0.600
  • Yield Str0.2% Proof(MPa) Tensile Str(MPa) Elong(% in 2mm) Hardness HV
    205 520 30.00 -
    - - - 182
  • Density lb/in³ 0.287
    g/cm³ 7.94
    Specific Heat (32-212°F), Btu/lb•°F 0.11
    (0-100°C), J/kg•°C 460
    Melting Range °F 2475-2525
    °C 1357-1385
    Curie Temperature °F -175
    °C -115
    Permeability 70°F (21°C) & 200 oersted (15.9 kA/m)  
    Annealed 1.014
      Hot-Rolled 1.009

Properties of Incoloy 800 alloy

Incoloy 800 Cold Forming

Cold forming of Incoloy 800 is done by procedures similar to those used for Inconel Alloy 600 and Stainless Steel. The work-hardening rate for Inconel 800, is higher than the rate for mild steel but lower than that for Type 304 stainless steel. The work-hardening rate for Incoloy 800 is essentially the same as the rate for Inconel 600.

Incoloy 800 Hot Forming

Hot forming of Incoloy 800 is done in the temperature range of 1600 to 2200°F (870 to 1200°C). Heavy forging should be done at temperatures from 1850°F to 2200°F (1010°C to 1200°C). Forming at temperatures between 1200 and 1600°F (650-870°C) can result in cracking of the workpiece. The rate of cooling following hot forming is not critical with respect to thermal cracking. However, the alloy is subject to carbide precipitation in the 1000-1400°F (540- 760°C) temperature range and should be cooled rapidly through that range to avoid sensitization.

Incoloy 800 Machining

Incoloy 800 is readily machined by standard methods. Turning operations can be performed with high metal removal rates, good tool life, and good surface finish using coated carbide tools. Good results have also been obtained with high-speed-steel tools, which are better for interrupted cutting. Coated carbide tools have shown good life at cutting speeds of 110-190 sfpm (33.5-57.9 m/min) and a feed of 0.008-0.035 ipr (0.20-0.89 mm/rev.). High speed steel tools have been shown to have good life at cutting speeds of 35- 95 sfpm (10.7-29.0 m/min) and a feed of 0.008-0.035 ipr (0.20-0.89 mm/rev.).

Incoloy 800 Welding

Incoloy 800 has good weldability by all welding processes. Material to be welded must be thoroughly clean, and the proper joint designs must be used. For shielded metal-arc welding of Alloy 800, the recommended welding product is Inco-Weld a Electrode. For gas-tungsten-arc, gas-metal-arc, and submerged-arc welding, Inconel Filler Metal 82 is recommended. Incoflux 4 Submerged Arc Flux is used with the submerged-arc process. These products may be used for most dis-similiar welding requirements with Incoloy 800 as well.

Incoloy 800 Heat Treatment

All material to be heated must be clean. Oil, paint, grease, shop soil and other foreign substances must be removed prior to the heating operation. Heating must be performed in a low-sulfur atmosphere. Open heating must be done with low-sulfur fuel, and the furnace atmosphere must be maintained in a reducing condition to prevent excessive oxidation. Because of the readiness with which chromium is oxidized into a refractory oxide by air, carbon dioxide or water vapor, alloy 800 cannot be bright annealed in the usual industrial annealing furnace. Under closely controlled conditions, the alloy can be bright annealed in dry, pure hydrogen (dew point of -73°F (-58°C) or lower, less than 0.004% by volume water, and less than 0.007% by volume air).

Services We Offer


Documentation is a very important part of the products we supply, and we work continuously to enhance the efficiency of the document-handling process without compromising quality of the product.S Documents provided along with the shipment include Certificate of Origin, Material Test Certificate as per EN 10204 3.1 and 10204 3.2, NACE MR10103 and NACE MR0175 certified Test Certificates.

Quality Assurance

Incoloy Fasteners are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.

Material Testing

PMI Testing, Ultrasonic Test, Mechanical Testing, Spectro Tests for Chemical Analysis of the grade, Flaring Test, IGC, etc. are some of the tests conducted at our facility. We welcome stage wise inspection from any of your representative or third party inspection agencies.

Packing and Delivery

The product is wrapped and packed in wooden crates or carton boxes. Our primary goal is to deliver quality products in time, no matter where the client is located.

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