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Hastelloy B2

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Hastelloy Supplier · Alloy B2 Exporter · Hastelloy B · UNS N10665

Hastelloy B2 Alloy is designed to be used in extreme reducing conditions.

Hastelloy B2 is high nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy providing excellent resistance to corrosion against all acidic environments such as hydrochloric acid with all temperatures.Its chemical composition provides strength against all acids such as hydrogen chloride, sulfuric, acetic and phosphoric acids. Hastelloy B2 gives resistance to pitting, to stress corrosion cracking and to all organic and non-organic acidic environment. Alloy B2 resists the formation of grain boundary carbide which precipitates in the welding area of the metal so is used against the chemical process application in the welded condition.

Industry Names: Hastelloy, Hastelloy B2, Hastelloy B, UNS N10665
Specifications: UNS N10665, WNR/DIN 2.4617
Applications: Aerospace, Power generation, Power generation
Features: Excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid, Resistance to pitting

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is a Global exporter of Hastelloy B2. We have exported UNS N10665 Alloy to more than 70 countries worldwide maintaining good business relations with all the International clients. Our main motive is to supply best quality materials in most reasonable prices and on time. Hastelloy B2 is available in the forms such as Fasteners, Flanges ASTM 564, Round Bars ASTM B335, Pipe Fittings ASTM B366, Tube Fittings, Forged Fittings ASTM B564.

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is a renowned supplier and stockist of Hastelloy B2. The Materials conform to International standards and specifications. UNS N10665 Alloy is available in many forms.
Other Names: Alloy B2, Alloy B, Hastelloy B, UNS N10665
Category: Hastelloy > Hastelloy B2
Material: Hastelloy B2
Brand: Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Manufacturer: Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Rating: 4.5/5 based on 56 customer reviews

Hastelloy B2 Specifications and Standards

Grade North America France Germany Japan Russia European Russian British Other Names
Hastelloy B2 UNS N10665 WNR/DIN 2.4617 Alloy B2/ Hastelloy B

Properties of Hastelloy B2

  • Chemical Properties
    C P Mn Fe S Si Cr Ni Co Mo
    MIN - - - - - - - Bal - 26.000
    MAX 0.020 0.040 1.000 2.000 0.030 0.100 1.000 1.000 30.000
  • Mechanical Properties
    Yield Strength
    0.2% Proof
    Tensile strength
    (% in 50mm)
    MIN 396 914 55.00  
    MAX       98
  • Physical Properties
    Density 0.333 lb/in.3
    Melting Range 2430°F to 2520°F
    Specific Heat 0.090Btu/lb•°F
    Permeability ≤1.001(200 Oersted)
    Elastic Modulus 31.4 x 106,ps
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 6.0 µin./in.•°F
    Thermal Conductivity 64 Btu/ft•h•°F

Forms of Hastelloy B2

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