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Titanium Grade 1 and Titanium Grade 2 Round Bar.

ASTM B348 Standards And Specifications

ASTM B348 specifiction refers to Titanium Grade 1 and Titanium Grade 2 Round Bar.

ASTM B348 Round Bar

ASTM B348 Round Bar

ASTM B348 Round Bar is a very popular go-to for many products. It requires a much more automated process to make than plate and block, which still involve a manual process. Titanium round bar is available in most of the almost 40 grades, with the most common being Titanium Grade 2. The medical field often uses small-diameter round bar for body implantable fasteners and dental appliances. Round bar is made from very small diameters of wire for welding, all the way up to larger diameters (such as the 14″ diameter), used for clutch and flywheels. Titanium Grade 1 is one of the softest and most ductile grades exhibiting the greatest formability. It has excellent corrosion resistance property, excellent weldability and is used in a wide variety of applications.

Scope And Manufacturing

ASTM B348 specification covers annealed bars and grills made from titanium or its alloys. All material grades covered should conform to the required chemical composition requirements. Elements that are intentionally added to the melt should be identified, analyzed and reported in the chemical analysis. Specimens for tension tests should be machined and the tensile properties determined using a specified strain rate through the yield strength and at an increasing rate. Each annealed material may be furnished as either descaled, sandblasted, ground, or rough turned.

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ASTM B348 specification covers Titanium Grade 1 (UNS R50250) and Titanium Grade 2 (UNS R50400) Round Bars, Grills and Rods. They have major applications in the Aerospace, Medicine, Automotive and many such industries.
Other Names : ASTM B348 UNS R50250, ASTM B348 UNS R50400, Titanium Grade 1 Round Bar, Titanium Grade 2 Round Bar.
Material : Titanium Grade 1, Titanium Grade 2
Brand : Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Manufacturer : Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
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Our Inventory of ASTM B348 Material

  • ASTM B348 UNS R50250
  • ASTM B348 UNS R50400
  • Titanium Gr. 1 Round Bar
  • Titanium Gr. 2 Round Bar