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ASTM B164 Standards And Specifications

ASTM B164 specification covers Nickel-Copper Alloy Rod, Bar, and Round Bar with Monel Alloy 400 UNS N04400. It is in the form of hot-worked and cold-worked.

ASTM B164 Round Bar

ASTM B164 Round Bar

ASTM B164 Round Bar is most often used in parts found in marine and chemical environments. A low corrosion rate in rapidly flowing seawater combined with excellent resistance to stress-corrosion cracking in most freshwaters, and its resistance to a variety of corrosive conditions led to its wide use in marine applications and other non-oxidizing chloride solutions. In the annealed condition UNS N04400 Round Bars is an alloy that is easy to form and fabricate with no requirements for additional heat treatments to re-balance the alloy. UNS N04400 Bars has great mechanical properties at subzero temperatures, can be used in temperatures up to 1000° F, and its melting point is 2370-2460°.

Monel 400 Round Bar

Monel 400 Round Bars is a nickel-chromium alloy bar that contains supplemental amounts of columbium, iron, molybdenum, aluminum, and titanium. Monel 400 Round Bars have high strength properties, heat treatable, good corrosion resistance, formability and weldability. Monel 400 Round Bars is commonly used for valves, fasteners, tubing materials and mandrels. Monel 400 Round Bars has excellent cryogenic and heat ranges. Common uses of Monel 400 include deployment in gas turbines, subservice safety valves, aircraft engines, thrust reversers, and industrial fasteners.

ASTM B164 UNS N04400

ASTM B164 covers precipitation hardening bolting material (UNS N04400) and bolting components for high temperature service. Monel 400, AMS 4675 AMS 4730 ASTM B164, UNS N04400 High Temperature (UNS N04400), Ni 52.5, Cr 19.0 Fe 18.5 Mo 3.0 Nb+Ta 3.6

Scope And Manufacturing

ASTM B164 specification covers nickel-copper alloys the form of hot-worked and cold-worked rod, bar, round bar and wire. The material shall conform to the chemical composition limits specified by the reference material. The materials for rod, bar, or wire shall conform to the mechanical properties specified by the reference material. One test per lot shall be performed for chemical analysis, tension test, hardness test, and wrapping test.

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes has a large inventory of Monel 400, Monel K500 Round bars. Our entire round bar inventory is available in random lengths or can be cut to specific lengths to meet your exact requirements. The characteristics of high resistance to thermal oxidation, corrosion resistance and high strength in our round bar meet the requirements for use in numerous applications within the aerospace, chemical processing, thermal processing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and bio synthetic and motorsport industries.

ASTM B164 specification refers to Nickel Copper Alloys (UNS N04400) or Monel 400 in the form of hot-worked and cold-worked rod, bar, and wire which is used extensively in Marine and Thermal applications.
Other Names : ASTM B164 Round Bar, Monel 400 Bar, Alloy 400 bar, ASTM B164 UNS N04400
Material : Monel 400
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