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Austenitic Stainless Steel Seamless and Welded Pipe.

ASTM A312 Standards And Specifications

The ASTM A312 covers Stainless Steel Seamless and Welded Pipe which are used in flue gas cleaning and desalination.

ASTM A312 - Seamless Pipe and Welded Pipe

ASTM A312 Pipe

ASTM A312 is a seamless and welded pipe of stainless steel. These pipe are custom made as per requirement of application. The size of seamless pipes are 1/8 inch to 36 inch NB (Nominal Bore) and 10.3 mm to 914.4mm OD (Outer Diameter) in round, square and rectangular forms. The welded pipe comes in 48 inch NB to and 1,219.2mm OD (Outer Diameter) available in round, square, hydraulic, rectangular, etc. forms.

Scope And Manufacturing

ASTM A312 specification covers seamless pipe and welded pipe for austenitic stainless steel. These high performance austenitic stainless steels have a fully austenitic microstructure in the quench annealed condition. These grades are sometime alloyed with nitrogen to improve strength or with sulphur to improve machinability. 904L was originally developed to withstand environments involving dilute sulphuric acid and it is one of the few stainless steels that, at temperatures up to 35°C, provides full resistance. This is mainly due to the high contents of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen.

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes offers austenitic grades such as 316h Stainless Steel, 316ti Stainless Steel, 317l Stainless Steel, 330 Stainless Steel, 904l Stainless Steel. These grades are used in seawater handling, hydrometallurgy, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and heat exchangers. Our steel product is made under the professional expertise which gives good quality and excellent strength.

ASTM A312 is a standard specification for austenitic Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe and Welded Pipe. These are high performance austentic stainless steels which have good weldability and excellent formability.
Other Names : ASTM A312 TP304, ASTM A312 TP304h, ASTM A312 TP309, ASTM A312 TP310s, ASTM A312 TP316l, ASTM A312 TP316h, ASTM A312 TP316ti, ASTM A312 TP317l, ASTM A312 TP330, ASTM A312 TP321, ASTM A312 TP321h, ASTM A312 TP347, ASTM A312 TP347h, ASTM A312 TP904l, ASTM A312 UNS S31254, ASTM A312 UNS S30400, ASTM A312 UNS S30403, ASTM A312 UNS S30409, ASTM A312 UNS S30900, ASTM A312 UNS S31000, ASTM A312 UNS S31008, ASTM A312 UNS S31603, ASTM A312 UNS S31609, ASTM A312 UNS S31635, ASTM A312 UNS S31703, ASTM A312 UNS N08330, ASTM A312 UNS S32100, ASTM A312 UNS S32109, ASTM A312 UNS S34700, ASTM A312 UNS S34709, ASTM A312 UNS N08904.
Material : Austenitic Stainless Steel, SMO 254
Brand : Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
Manufacturer : Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes
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