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Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes

ASTM A276 Standards And Specifications

ASTM A276 specification covers hot -finished or cold-finished stainless steel bars. More specifically, the ASTM 276 specification encompasses Stainless Steel Bars, including round bars and Stainless Steel hot rolled or extruded structural shapes including, tees, channels etc.

ASTM A276 Round Bars

Astm A276 Round Bars

ASTM A276 Round Bar is generally sold in the annealed condition, although some grades may be hardened by heat-treating. Finishes on bars can vary. They may include cold drawn, centerless ground, smooth turned, rough turned, turned ground and polished, and HRAP. Stainless steel round bar is one of the most vital players in machining industry. With the fabulous property of corrosion resistance, SS round bars are employed in manufacturing industries that are indulged in the production of fasteners and machineries. Also our Fitmach bars, a highly specialized product, find their use in machining industries. These calcium treated bars are of free machining grades and thereby renders higher cutting speed and longer tool life. With precision straightened and mirror finish surfaces, these specialty round bars are widely employed in the manufacture of different machine parts.

Scope And Manufacturing

The ASTM A276 Specification is for hot-finished or cold-finished Stainless Steel bars except bars for reforging. It includes rounds, squares, and hexagons, and hot-rolled or extruded shapes, such as angles, tees, and channels in the more commonly used types of stainless steels. The bars shall be furnished in one of the following conditions: Condition A in which the bars are annealed, Condition H in which the bars are hardened and tempered at a relative temperature, Condition T in which the bars are hardened and tempered at a relatively high temperature, Condition S in which the bars are strain hardened or relatively light cold worked, and Condition B in which the bars are relatively severe cold worked. The material shall be subjected to a mechanical test to determine its tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and Brinell hardness. Round steel bar manufacturing encompasses quite a few aspects. From the collection of raw materials to processing and inspection, numerous processes are involved in it.

Manufacturing Process of Round Bar:

  • Raw material collection: Raw and unprocessed steel is collected through proper collection process. After this collection, the metal undergoes testing.
  • Chemical and Physical Testing: Targeted and proper testing become highly imperative in the steel manufacturing and production process. Once the collection process is over, testing emerges as the next significant process. Steel production units will perform both physical and chemical testing, thus checking the durability of the raw materials.
  • Heating: The next important process is heating. Steel bars undergo pressure heating followed by the rolling processes. Under this process, manufacturers can improve the ductility of the steel bars.
  • Hot rolling: Round bars have to be rolled into the appropriate shape. After continuous heating, it is the hot rolling procedure that helps the raw steel acquire the desired shape. The process is highly important for steel production.
  • Inspection: After the successful completion of the hot rolling process, manufacturers need to perform targeted inspection. It is after this inspection that manufacturers get assured of bar quality.

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ASTM A276 specification refers to Stainless Steel Round Bars. Some of the applications of stainless steel bars are machining, fasteners, grills and construction.
Other Names : ASTM A276 Round Bar, Stainless Steel Round Bar, SS Round Bar, Duplex Steel 2205 Round Bar, Super Duplex 2507 Round Bar, Super Duplex 4501 Round Bar.
Material : Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel, Super Duplex 2507 Stainless Steel, Super Duplex 4501 Stainless Steel
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